Ball RB-79

BANDAI 1/144 scale injection kit

Introduction by Metal Slime

Based on the colony used space pod, in order to support the mass-produced MS which lack of firepower (eg. RGM-79 GM), by adding layers of Armor, vernier and cannon.

The model

 I built this based mostly on the Bandia's LM Ball from 08th team plus a little bit of parts from regular Ball. The cannon is scratch-built using plastic sheets, plastic rods and brass rod.

Despite what everyone else has to say about the LM serie model, the LM Ball rocks! The kit comes with some great details and the proportion is right on. That's a lot more than I had expected, having build the original ball kit 15 years ago.

My major complaint with the LM ball kit though, is the fact that its upper lid does not fully conform to the pod, making a large gap between them that needs heavy filling. Ordinary putty wouldn't cut it there, so I need a fill of polyester putty. Being a totally lazy dude that I am, it came as a pain (I hate mixing it up just for a banal task like this).


Various option parts were used to add more details to the model. In the headlight, light crystal and Wave's H-eyes were placed over the drilled plastic parts.

To match Katoki's lineart of ball, the hard edge angles had to be filed down and the sockets on the side enlarged.

Some other detailing include the use of holed rivet on both side of the cockpit hatch, photo-etch, a burner at the bottom and decals.


I use custom mixed laquer-base Gunze Sangyo paint on all parts. For the main color, I mixed air superiorty blue with white in a ratio about 1:1. After the initial spraying is done, the remaining color is added by intermidiate blue and neutral gray to use for shadowed area. The red parts is Shinig red (79). To simulate a clear part-like for the camera, I spray chrome silver first (after primer) then air brushed flat-black around it to hihghlight the middle and mixed a clear green to spray over the whole camera.

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