Test Flight

Gates and Lauren are observing the testing on prototype Baund Doc thru their observation panel in the cockpit of test type No.1 (gray). The test type No. 2 (crimson) is piloted by an artificial Newtype, Rozamia Badam. Right after this event Rosamia ran into Z Gundam pilot, Kamiyu Bidan, whom she was manipulated to believe, was her brother.


A Walk in the Park

After a brief peaceful union, Rozamia snapped back into berserk mode when her trainer, Gates test unit got shot, resulting in an unstability of mind controling. Here she tried to stomp Kamiyu down with her gigantic 29.7m tall MS.

Oh how I wish she'd succeeded...

At Fates Hands

The Baund Doc had gained an advantage during the fight. Just before she's about to lay a final death blow on the struggling Z, Quatro conveniencely showed up to save Kamiyu skin once again.


Rozamia followed the fleeing Zeta Gundam and Hyaku Shiki in the MA mode. With its 3 powerful 48,600 kg thrusters, it can glide through wither space or atmostphere with ease.