RX-160 Byarlant

B-CLUB 1/144 scale resin cast kit

Introduction by Metal Slime

Titan's Atmospheric MS. All Rocket Engines/ Thrusters are designed and calibrated for atmospheric flight. In the test period, Titans use 2 tone gray color scheme. This color scheme was assigned to Jerid Mesa for the operation in Dakar. He later went on to stab Four Murasame in her Psycho Gundam at Kilimanjaro with this MS. Standard Armament includes 2 mega particle Cannon and a beam sabre.

The Model

Although I'm never a big fan of Mamoru Nagano, this unmistakably Nagano's design is one of my favorite MS out of Z-Gundam (along with the Gaplant). I remember over the years, getting pissed everytime the SD Gundam strategy games came out and gave the Byarlant a lousy stat. You don't give an MS this cool a bad stat. You just DON'T!! ^^;

As uneven as the quality of B-Club kits are, this IMO must be one of the best kit they produced aestheticall. The kit is well detailed with great proportion. Like most of the poseable resin kit, the Byarlant suffers from loose joints and ready to fall with the slightest of force apply to it. I got sick of repairing the burners on the back every so often that I decided to pin it to a base. If you happen to think of getting one, I highly suggest pinning the 2 burner on the back instead of only glue it. The kit also required you to make anthenas out of a thin plastic sheet on your own. A thing which I haven't done until years after I finished it.

The base is not included with the kit, BTW. That's Kotobukiya's resin base in the picture.


I built straight out of the box with almost no modifications. If my memory serves me (it's been 5 years now), it only took a couple of days from start to finsh. Definately one of the fastest GK I done. However, the combined time it took for me to repair it after each fall (and it's fallen a lot!) far exceed those I spent building it.

Unlike most other models I did, not much I've added to this one. Only the 2 light crystals. The red one to replace the mono-eye and the other one in green used on the fore head (it doesn't show very well in the photo, bad lighting).


Paintingwise, the Byarlant sports an interesting scheme. Although I did the airbrush shadow/ highlight thingy on just about every models, this one has been a little more extreme. With the gradations on the body/shoulder from lightest to darkess taking 4 colors.

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