December 14, 0079
EFF North Pole secret base "Weinkonul"

At the twilight of one year war, the EFF were rushing their latest development. They had just finished the top-secret gravity testing at this remote base of north pole and ready for the final phase in zero gravity and final adjustment at Side 6 Space Colony.


Narrations by Metal Slime.


However, the test was caught by the eyes and ears of Zeon intelligence agency. They sent their special task force "Cyclops Team" on the sub "U-Con" to this EFF secret base for search-and-destroy mission. The assault team consisted of just 4 pilots and a few experimental mobile suits which include MSM-07E "Zugock-E" and 3 MSM-03/C "Hygog".

Upon arrival, the devastating power of Zeon's skillful pilots outrun a score of EFF's RGM-79D. However, they were too late, the containers were ready and loaded to the space shuttle before they can fully captured the base.


The mission was not accomplished, and the cry of Captain Steiner who lost one of his crew couldn't be heard under the screaming of shuttle rocket blasting off to the sea of space....