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Introduction by Metal Slime

After Zeon dukedom had started their earth invasion, the only hope for the Earth Federation was to relied on the "V-campaign". This operation also included the development plan for the RX series MS project as a counteraction for those Zeon's MS-06 (Zaku) line.

The campaign itself was proved to be somewhat successful, in the performance of Gundam, the white mobile suit, and the mothership Whitebase. However, the cost study indicated some difficulties for the mass production plan. The Earth Federation had tested the production run on the RX-79 variation before making some minor changes and came up with the RGM-79 production line.

The main feature for RX series, Core Block System was omitted. Also, the
supporting firepower role of RX-77 (Guncannon) series was shifted to the modified space pod RB-79 (Ball) instead. This cost cutting plan helps reduce the budget to just 1/5, which resulted in the larger amount of mobile suits to be deployed. The first rolled out of GM was during the Jabro attack, for the first 42 units, and up to 288 units by the end of One-year war.

*However, it must also be noted that according to the MG GM booklet, the number of units engaged in the battle of Solomon reached as high as 600 (!). Yet another data inconsistency in Gundam universe.

Models, models

Since I have Many variations of GM series. as not to clutter the main gallery page with too many items, this is the page that I put all the GM related stuff on. More to be added as I finished/photographed them.

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