In the dawn of 0079, Space Colony Side 3 declared independence under the name of Zeon Dukedom. They denounced the tyranny of the Earth Federation Force and Earthnoid by changing the orbital of a colony and dropped it to the Earth. Furthermore, they invaded Earth with gigantic human-shape robot, called “Mobile Suits”. The countermeasure of the EFF started with the capturing of Zeon’s MS "Zaku" (MS-06) and from there, extensive R&D is lauchned. Thus the begining of the monumental project -V-.

This project -V- started a line of MS with RRf-06 Zanny (imagine a Zaku wih GM Head and GM limbs) as a test bed. The testing are in the area of field-motor, camera, sensor and Lunar Titanium Armor; whereas the generator still the same as the old Zaku it's based on.

The Lunar Titanium Composite material was used in the RX Series, along with other additional features like hi-power generator, Core Block System, and beam weapons. The Chief scientist was none other than Tem Ray, the father of Amuro Ray, the famous One-Year War ace of this white Mobile Suit “RX-78 Gundam”.


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