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Church of the Machine is a chronicle of one person's interpretation of designs and story events from the animated show 'Gundam' and others, through means of (mostly) 1/144 scale models (including both injection kits and garage kits) and CGs. My preference lies strictly on the UC subjects up until around 0093, and absolutely non of the alternate universes crap (yes! I'm a stuck up UC purist prima donna). ;)

Hope you enjoy your visit. If you have any comments or questions, drop me a line or post it in the BBS. (Please read the FAQ, before e-mailing me questions, many have been covered in the past).

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Heh, so much for "tune in next week.." ;) Anyway, I'm not dead yet! Just that I've been lying low finishing quite a bit of stuff these past few months (including the GM Cannon II in question).

No real update yet, but I have a couple of new works entered into Rainbow Ten's ongoing contest. If you have an urge to see some of my newer stuff (yea, right), mine's somewhere in the middle. While you're there, please take some time to vote for whichever entry you think is best. Just so that at least it's even out those who threaten all the friends and family to vote (me included, of course). ;)

My apology for those whose site should have been linked up long ago, if not for my laziness of the past months. New links: Motoking's Made in Anaheim, Mervin's Reworks, and Peter Savin's "Animation Scale Model 4 U". All quality stuff.

I'm off to Hong Kong for a couple of days now. Hope I can finally put something up afterward -- if I'm not too tired from carrying all the gunplas. :D


Now, for the in-progress GM of the week, this week we have... the GM Custom. In consequence of which, I hereby dub Febuary the month of the GMs! Tune in next week for GM Cannon II.


This is the current state of my ongoing (of almost 5 years now) GM III. Yet I'm still not entirely happy with. Maybe not until another major part swap.

Just in time to join the band wagon of 1/144 GMs in the recent DHM, eh?


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